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Amelia earhart early years
By: Genesis S.
California, Age 11


Amelia Earhart her early years with strugglesand happiness.

Amelia was born July 24,1897.Before Amelia was born her mother suffered with a terrible miscarriage.During her early pregancy her mother returned home with her parents.After Amelia was born 2 1/2 years later , her sister Muriel was born .Amelai was left with her wealthy grandparents for 10 years.They enrolled her in a private school.Her grandparents did't like her dad Edwin . After 10 years with her grand parents she moved in with her parents in Des Moines, Iowa. In 1909 the living statis improved until her dad became an alcholick.In 1914 her mom,Amelia and her sister Muriel went to live with some friends in Chiago.Her mom went in the trust fund and put them in college.Amelia trained to be a nurse in Tornote.As a Aid Detatachment at a millitary hospital.In 1919 she enrolled in pre-med.In 1920 she joined her parents in California. She took some flying lessons by Anita ''Neta'' Snook. I July she purchasede her first plane it was a prototype Kinner plane she called it ''The Canary''.She had to sell it ot buy a car a Yellow Peril.She invested some money into a comany that would bulidan airport in Boston.Amelia became the subject in the weekly newspaper.In April27,1926 her life would change forever .She got a call from captain H.H. Riley he asked ''Would you like to be the first women to cross the Alantic Ocean?''She was the first women to fly over the Alantic Ocean.

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