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By: Sarah H.
New Jersey, Age 13


Hi, my name is Sarah H. Its 1992 and Im reporting live from ABC NEWS. Im at the scene where Lady Lindy, also known as Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly. Amelia is about to attempt her own solo transatlantic flight to become the first person, man or woman, to cross the Atlantic by plane twice. She will start off at Harbor Grace in New Foundland, Canada. Surrounded by millions of people, she will be taking off in ten minutes. But until then I will be interviewing Abbey Herman. How do you feel about this Abbey?
Im so excited as you can see, so is everyone else.
Do you think she will go throw with it?
Yes, I do. She is a brave lady; she is my hero.
Well we are about to witness her flight so pay attention!
Whoosh WOW, wasnt that awesome; the crowd has gone wild. You saw it! My name is Sarah H and youre watching ABC NEWS.

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