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Amelia Earhart & The Immigration act
By: MacKenzie T.
New Hampshire, Age 10


Today a miracle happened, a year after getting her first plane, Ameila Earhart, sets her first record as the first woman pilot to fly up to 14,000 feet, starting in Southern California. The crowd waited nervously as she began to taxi the runway. Several women began to cry, others began to protest against her. The protesters pushed through the crowd of people and attempted to stop this miracle. They did not succeed their attempt to stop her. When they saw Amelia’s0 plane land there were screams of happiness from all around her. She is probably the most famous pilot in aviation history! Now she is mostly found in news paper articles such this one, the “Boston Globe” called her one of the best women pilots in the U.S.A. Amelia’s first plane was a used Kinder. Amelia’s record shortly got broken, so she quickly went back to remake it. At the time of Amelia’s success million’s of immigrants came to the U.S.A., most of them came from Europe and Asia. Some of the Europeans and Asians got sick and died and some others starved to death others who survived could not adapt to the American cultures. They mostly came to California.More than 800,000 foreigners had come to the U.S.A. It was Known as the Immigration Act Of 1921.

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