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About Amelia Earhart Life
By: Neosha B.
Virginia, Age 11


On July 24,1897 there was a child name Amelia Mary Earhart. People called her ''Lady Lindy''. She was raised by her father because her mom and father seprated because of her father drinking promblem.Amelia,father was a lawyer.Amelia had attened a shool.The name of the school is Hude Park High School in Chicago.Amelia wanted to Byrn Mawr College in Pennsyvania.Her career was in Los Angeles in 1921 when she was 24 years old.Amelia worked as a Nurse Aid in a Military Hosptal in Canada in the Word War 1.Amelia was the first women to climb 14,000ft. The first job Amelia wanted was to become a docter. Amelia was the first women to recive a pilots license from FAI.Amelia Earhart had died in July 2,1937.

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