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Amelia's flight trouble
By: Vercina W.
Ohio, Age 11


Amelia is a very bright girl she thought that what any man could do she could do.It was only one problem it was how hard it would be to get up into the air with the airplane,but she was brave enough to try.It was only May 20,when she first climed aboard,and when she started on her way things started going wrong.first,her altimeter failed that made her run into clouds,fog,and darkness now she had no way of knowing how far from the ocean she was.She chosed to manage and fly on,instead of turning back.Next,the moon started to disappear behind the clouds and she ran into a servere storm. Through it all she still manage to fly on. After,an hour or so,she cam into calmer weather but it was still cloudy.When she try to fly up the plane started to feel sluggish and slow to respond,a clear sign that it was picking up ice.The only thing to do was to head down into warmer air and hope the ice would melt.When she could see waves break on the ocean surface,she leveled off and flew on,but soon she ran into fog.What I like about this subject is how she goes through a lot of problems but she still managed. THE END

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