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By: Camryn G.
New Hampshire, Age 9


Yesterday, in her Fokker F7 Trimotor, Amelia Earhart flew across the Atlantic Ocean and came in third place in the International Womens’ Race to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The Fokker F7 Trimotor is probably the world’s most popular airliner because in the process, Henry Ford didn’t know how good it would turn out, but when it was done, even he was surprised! Amelia Earhart is probably the world’s most popular woman pilot. The Fokker F7 probably had more “firsts” than any other plane; before or since. Amelia Earhart probably had more “firsts” than any other women pilot; before Amy Guest was a wealthy woman who had the money to put together a trustworthy airplane. She wanted to enter it in the race across the Atlantic Ocean. She just wanted a “Girl” pilot to enter the race, she thought it was too risky to fly the plane herself. Amelia Earhart was just the person because she would take the risk.

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