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Airplane Expirences
By: Sydney C.
New Hampshire, Age 9


Yesterday, Amelia Earhart took off in Los Angeles for the first time! She said that when she was up in the clouds on the plane, she saw tiny buildings, lights, and the white clouds under her. She also said that it was a new experience up and over the beautiful clouds. Lots of reporters went to Amelia’s house to interview her about how was her flight and were it fun up and over the clouds for the first time.
The reporters came to me and said that Amelia Earhart said in the interview that she loves flying planes over the Pacific Ocean. A fact about Amelia Earhart is she was the first woman to ever fly a plane, but the second person to ever fly a plane. One time, Amelia was going on her second time to fly a plane she brung her friend Eleanor Roosevelt. Amelia and Eleanor said that they had a fun time on the plane.

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