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Amelia Earhart the women pilot
By: Denylo B.
Virginia, Age 12


Amelia was born July,24,1897.
She became interested in planes when she saw her first plane at 10 years old.Years later after that she started pilot school.
As Amelia got into pilot school she brought her first plane for 2000 dollars.
Soon after that she became the first women to fly across the atlantic ocean.She met her husband George.After she met him Amelia started setting records
all over the world for pilots.Her biggest accomplishment she tried to was to be the fist woman fly around the world,but it didn't work out the way she wanted it too.
Amelia and Fred's last stop was New Guiena.After that she vanished.The F.B.I search for her a long time,but her husband declared her died on July 24,1937.
In local stores now they are collecting money to continue the search.

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