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Amelia's Chldhood
By: Devin S.
Virginia, Age 11


Here's some facts about Amelia's Childhood.When Amelia was 10 she saw her first airplane.Amelia said''it had rusty wires and not interesting.One day she went to a stunt exhibition then became in aviation.On December28,1920 pilot Fank Hawks gave her a ride on an airplane and forever changed her life.She kept a scrapt book of newspapper clipping about successful women in predominantly male-oriented fields,including film direction and production,law,advertising,and mechanical engineering.One afternoon in April 1928 a phone call came forAmelia she was to busy to answer she thought it was a prank ,but it a man.He asked her if she wanted to fly across the Atlantic Ocean Amelia said yes. Here is Amelia's Childhood.

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