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National Air Race
By: Yeraldy T.
New Jersey, Age 12


The 1929 national air race is about to begin. There are hundreds of people watching this event. This event features a women’s air race called the Powder Puff Derby. Will twenty women risk this dangerous race? Pilots have to fly 2,350 miles in nine days from Los Angeles, California to Cleveland, Ohio. To race you had to have a minimum of 100 hours of flying experience! On the other side of Cleveland, there are people cheering for the contestants. Most of the contestants said this race is going to be a piece of cake. The weather looks great. The sun is warm, the sky is clear blue, and there are no signs of rain. Who will win? There is only one way to know…..go and watch the race. You never know what will happen, so good luck to you all.

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