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The story of Amelia Earhart
By: Siani C.
New Jersey, Age 11


On June1928 she was the first women to cross the Atlantic Ocean as an aiplane passager, Amelia Earhart wrote a journal of historic flight. May,1932 a cow pasture in Ireland served as Amelia's runway after she completed her solo flight
across the Atlantic Ocean.August1932there
was very little Amelia accomplish.She set
the women's nonstop cross country speed
record by flying from LosAngeles, California, to Newark,New Jersey. January
1935 Amelia became the first person to fly solo across the PacificOcean from
Honolulu.Hawii to Oakland,California.
Thousnds of people greeted Amelia after she landed and taxied her plane to a stop
inb Oakland.

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