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By: Hilary G.
Oregon, Age 11


By Hillary

I was born July 24,1897
I left Kansas at 1 age past 11

Working for the railroad, Dad had his own railroad car
So from Kansas to California we traveled near and far

I rode my first roller coaster when I was only seven
Then built my own at nine and it was really Heaven

I grew up a tomboy climbing trees without a care
My momís homemade bloomers was what I chose to wear

I saw my first airplane in 1908
At eleven years old at Iowa State

ďPidgeĒ and I were sisters together
Raised mostly by grandparents, it seemed like forever

In 1916 I finished High School.
Attending 6 of them was so not cool

World War One I nursed the wounded and the time just flew right by
Then Pre-Med at Columbia, but I knew I had to fly

In 1922 a pilotís license was mine
Then I could fly planes any old time

My mom climbed Pikes Peak; she was really tough
I guess Iím made of that same stuff

The first lady passenger on a transatlantic flight
Then I wrote a book bringing this to light

I married my publisher this was my call
The famous George Putnam and I had it all

In 1932 I flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean
This brought out the nationís pride and emotion

I became the first woman to get a Distinguished Flying Cross
Awarded by CongressÖ. I think thatís really boss

As first person to fly twice across the Atlantic
High over the Ocean I find it quite romantic

My husband promotes stunts and shows for me
I call him G.P. and he calls me A.E.

Eleanor Roosevelt fought for women to have the right
And held me as the example, to show we have also have the might

Round the world I then attempted with zeal and with glee
But my famous last flight was not meant to be

On the last leg I vanished without any trace
Did I live? Did I die? Or am I lost in space?

Who am I?

Amelia Earhart

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