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By: Wesley G.
Ohio, Age 11


She's done it again folks,Amelia Earhart
has just set a new world recond! For flying from Hawaii to California. No pilot
has ever did this. she sold her old plane for a new one and left on about with her husband, plane, and a hired expert for the lane. The US Army paved a take off in a thick grass area. She waited for the right weather and toke off on January 11, 1935.
She got up slowly from the heavy she flew over 2,400 miles. In the air she spotted California. She landed and ten thousand people were waiting. Amelia Earhart has proved that women can do the same thing as a man. No one has did this impossible mission. A normal pilot would have had problems with this mission of flying over the Atlantic and then the Pacific Ocean. I don't think any one is as daring as Amelia Earhart or can do flights like her. Amelia Earhart has shown her skills again!

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