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This will be the flight of Amelia Earhart
By: TeRon L.
Ohio, Age 11


''In case you didn't know folks, AE(Amelia Earhart)is going to fly around the world. She must be the world's greatest woman. Even President Rosevelt had to give her credit. She deffently earned it. Of course, flying around the world is probably what the world would expect AE to do after setting so many world reords. Like flying across the Pacific ocean. I guess she has proven a women can do anything a man can do.''

The name of the plan AE is piloting is called Electra. The Electra held 1,150 gallons of gasoline. She is to leave July 2,1935, at 10 o'clock in the morning. There are people waiting for AE's arrival. There is a new runway and government officials waiting for to come also. AE has done a lot of great things. Hopefully,this won't be her last adventure.

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