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Amelia Mary
By: Ashley J.
Virginia, Age 11


Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24 1937 in Atchison,Kansas.Amelia was 10 years old when she saw an airplane.She was unhappy because the plane was old and rusty.Ever since then she was inspired to fly.Next fact i have is she got married to George Putmanon Febuary 7 1931. On March 1937 Amelia and Fred noonan lifted off from Hawaii but unfortunately there was a problem with the plane so the U.S Goverment fixed it.When the goverment handed the plane back they lifted off on June 1 1937.This is a shocking fact Amelia and Fred left behind a tracking antenna,a parachute,and a first aid kit.She and Fred stopped in about fifteen places to refuel.A couple of places she stopped was Africa,Puerto Rico,and Japan.The last place she stopped was New Guinea she didn't refuel the whole way only half this is mysterious.She was clamied legally dead (or vanished) July 2 1937.No one knows where Fred and Amelia went some people said ''fred got beaten by the Japanese''other people say ''I think she could have been suicdal''.I think that.Some people said thet ''She was crazy not filling up the whole tank'' but the mysrey was never solved.George being the best husband ever declared Amelia dead on July 2 1937.Amelia did accomplish something setting a good example on kids everywhere.As Amelia always said''Adventure is worth while in itself.'' What do you think happended?

By:Reporter A.J

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