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Amelia Vanishes
By: Daniel A.
Illinois, Age 10


The story of Amelia Earhart has been going for a long time. “Will she ever come back?” “Did she run out of fuel?” “Did she purposely crash her plane?” The world may never know. Scientists believe that she just plainly ran out of fuel, but I think it was a whole other story. I believe that the vanishing of Amelia was because of a wormhole (something like a teleporter and black hole combined). A man on the news has reported that he had been flying with his son over the Pacific Ocean, near San Diego, California. They said that it had been a very nice, calm, and sunny day, when all of a sudden an enormous black cloud had drifted over them. They lost all signal to the California radios and all the electronic equipment shut off as well. They said that inside that black cloud was what looked like a black hole. When the plane got out of the horrible cloud they also noticed that they were heading straight for the sea. The cloud had shut down their engine too. Panicking, they took all of their gear off and jumped off the plane when it was about to crash in the water. Luckily, they landed near the California Coast. They admitted that they were extremely lucky that they landed near. I believe that this same thing happened to Amelia Earhart and the navigator with her. If this did happen, why haven’t people been able to find the plane that she was in? Will we ever find them or the plane? That’s for us to find out.

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