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Getting into a mystourus crash
By: Jade P.
Michigan, Age 10


Amelia was flying with Fred Noonan and a crash occured when they went up into the air, because it was windy and cloudy at the same time. They crashed and weren`t seen again. A few years later a captin got a hold of Amelia and Fred. Some time later they got better. They tried to do fly again. On June 1, 1937 Amelia and Fred were ready to fly. They were going to fly from Miami across the Atlantic Ocean to Daker, Sengal. Later the 10E plane was damanged and forcing Amelia and her crew to give up. Amelia`s crew thought about it and they didn`t want to give up just yet. Amelia and Fred arrived in Papua, New Guinea in the South Pacific with 7`000 miles still to go.

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