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Amelia Earhart Live
By: Shannon M.
New Jersey, Age 13


This is Shannon reporting live from L.A. where Amelia Earhart is about to take her second flight with Fred Noonan. They’re going to be flying around the world! Here she comes now! Let’s see if we can get a word with her. Amelia? How do you feel about this flight? “Well Shannon I think that I have never been this excited! I feel that this is going to be a great flight!”exclaimed Amelia. “That’s great. How did you feel about airplanes when you were younger and what inspired you to be a pilot?” When I was younger I had no interest in planes and didn’t understand why we had them. In 1920 when I went on an airplane, as soon as we left the ground I knew that I had to fly.” Amelia said with excitement and eager to answer any questions. Well Amelia, good luck with your journey. This has been Shannon thanks for listening.

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