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Amelia Earhart's Life
By: Yanelis C.
New York, Age 10


Amelia Earhart was born on July 24 1897.She was born in Atchison,Kansas.Amelia Earheart's job was being a pilot.Amelia wanted to be a pilot because she saw a airplane show and saw how fun it was and wanted to do it .When Amelia got her first airplane she felt proud and couldn't wait to ride in it.She practiced and practiced to finally fly around the whole entire world.Amelia had married George Palmer Putnam, the famous Publisher.On May 20,1937 , Amelia Airheart took off from Oakland,California.The famed female pilot was hoping to become the first person to fly around the world along the equator.Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, her plane disappeared.Amelia and her friend were never found.It is said that they were never found and crashed in the Pacific Ocean.People had found tiny pieces of bones laying on a tiny island called Nikumaroro in the Pacific(Ocean).President Roosevelt sent 4,000 men to look for Amelia.They were searching the whole Pacific Ocean.People had searched the island of Nikumaroro on the internet and on the real island looking for her.They were looking carefully.They wanted to see which place she landed.Bones were found on Nikumaroro but I am not sure if they are Fred Noonan's and Amelia Earhart's bones because they can be any ordinary bones.These were found in the year of 1930.They say the items—a pocketknife, a makeup mirror, and bottles made in the U.S.—are similar to ones that Earhart and Noonan were known to own.Part of the nation of Kiribati, Nikumaroro is located about 400 miles south of Howland Island.Finally Roosevelt gave up on finding her because he can't spend all his time looking for one person besides he's the president he has to worry about all of that country.He gave up in the year 1937 of July 2.Though still today people are still examining the bones and blood they found on the island.But the point is Amelia Earhart's body was never found.She was declared dead January 5 1939.She was best known as the pioneering female pilot who disappeared in the South Pacific.Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. She also broke many aviation records, like the woman's speed record of 100km and the woman's altitude record of 1400 feet.Amelia also had a little sister.
Muriel was the younger sister of the famous Amelia. She was among other things a teacher and writer, and penned two books (long after Amelia was gone) on her (Courageous sister)- indeed the title of one of the books. Muriel only died within the past ten years- around 2000 or so. She was in her nineties.Amelia Earhart was 39 year sold when she died it wasn't to close to turning 40.Unfortunately, Amelia only had flied half way across the world.

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