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My Short of Amelia Earhart Growing Up
By: Cierra B.
Virginia, Age 11


On July 24,1897 Amelia Earhart was born. She was only 11 going on 12 when she saw a plane for the first time.Amelia attended Hyde Park High School in Chicago in 1915.During 1916 Amelia's mom send her away and she started breaking out of being shy.Amelia was 22 and enrolled to become a doctor in 1919.In 1920 Amelia made her first flight.Amelia brought her first $2,000 plane in 1921, which she called the canary.In December 1921 she got her plane license.In 1922 Amelia set her 1st flying record at an Aero Club event.Also in 1928 she became the 1st women tofly across the Atlantic Ocean.Amelia also became the 1st women pilot in 1932.Amelia Earhart excelled as a pilot,took flying lessons,and achieved 3 records.Amelia Earhart was a great women from my thoughts.

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