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The EarlyYears Of Amelia Earhat
By: Kourtney F.
Ohio, Age 10


On July 24,1897 in Atchison,Kansas Amelia Earhart was born to Edwin and Amy Earhart. Amelia had a smaller sister name Muriel who was three years younger than Amelia. Amelia's dad was a buisiness man andher mother was a house wife and her mother was the first women to climb to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Amelia and Muriel were not like other girls they wore bloomers. As young girls they were not normal when people saw them the would stair because girls in those days girls were suspected to were skirts. Amelia and Murial played Baseball,explored caves,went fishing,walked on stilts, and collected insects like worms and toads. When Christmas came the girls would ask for things Like Footballs and Baseballs and bats.

As Amelia grew older she took trips around the world. She also traveled alot of times because her father would lose work in different states. After traveling to six differnt states during her High School year she finally graduated in 1916 Of all of her childhood years this is what made her the women she was.

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