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Amelia the Brave One
By: Zuleyka F.
New Jersey, Age 12


The cause for the crash is unknown, however it is confirmed Amelia Earhart died during a monumental plane ride around the world that started on June 1, 1937.

After months of preparation, Amelia was ready to fly her plane Canary around the world. But a crash occurred during a takeoff from Hawaii forcing Amelia and her crew to give up.

Two months later, Amelia and Fred Noonan try again, this time flying east from Florida to California. They departed June 1, 1937, flying from Miami. A month later Amelia and Fred arrive in Papua, New Guinea in the South Pacific, with 7,000 miles still to go.

They take off July 2, 1937, for Howland Island. Howland is half a mile wide and two miles long. Twenty hours into the flight, Amelia’s voice is picked up by a ship’s radio near the island stating she was about to land, but her crew never arrived.

President Roosevelt personally authorized nine naval ships and 66 planes to help in the search effort. Over 4,000 men comb the waters and islands of the South Pacific. But Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan are not found.

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