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Amelia's Crash
By: Derek B.
South Carolina, Age 12


Ameliaís Crash
By: Derek B
In 1937 Amelia and her crew took a crash off the coast of Hawaii in March. Her crew gave up; cause the damage on the Electra 10E plane. Amelia Earhart as pilot was shocked but went on and tried again in June 1st flying from Miami across to the India. Twenty hours later Ameliaís voice was heard over the radio. After a while when they didnít show up and didnít hear them, President Roosevelt personally authorizes nine naval ships and 66 planes help in the search effort.
Over 4,000 men comb the islands looking for them too, but the crew was never found!!!!! Till this day people still wonder what ever happened to Amelia Earhart and her crew. People think she died, fuel tank ran out, and that she is deserted on a deserted island!!!! People till this day wonder about where she is and remember all the wonder she did like being the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by herself!!!!

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