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The disapearance of Ameila Earhart
By: Victoria N.
Michigan, Age 10


Ameila is ready to fly around the world after months of preparation.But a crash occurs during takeoff in Hawii in March,Electra 10E plane is damaged it forced Ameilas crew to give up.Two months later,Fred Noonan navigator,and Ameila try again,but this time it worked ,and flying to Florida to California.On June 1st June they depart.Ameila,and Fred Noonan flying from Miami to the Atlantic Ocean.When they had crashed and dissapered the only person who heard from her was on a radio station.Ameilas husband G.P. had moved on and married other women.Some people belive that Japense had kidnapped her.But Fred Noonan was never heard from again or seen Fred Noonan ever again.Nobody really knows what the true story was except Ameila Earhart,and Fred Noonan.But they are no longer here.

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