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Amelia Earhart
By: Zentaria L.
Virginia, Age 11


Who was the first woman pilot?Amelia Earhart was.In March 1937,Amelia wanted to be the first to go around the world.She was going to ride with her husband,George.Two months later,Amelia and Fred Noonan flew west-to-east course,starting from Miami,Florida.They left Miami on June 1,1937.They left the telegraph key,trailing communication anntena,and survival equipment.They flew to San Juan,Peurto Rico on the first day.At 4:53a.m.,a radioman on the Itasca thought he heard Amelia say ''partly cloudy.''At 8:47a.m.,Amelia's voice came in loud and clear,but hurried and panicked.Her sister Muriel believed that Amelia was ''a tragedy of the sea.''Amelia disappeared on July 2,1937.

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