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Amelia Earhart No Fear
By: Calvin B.
New Hampshire, Age 10


Amelia Earhart arrived today in Hawaii to start her flight around the world. She was asked, What are you crazy to fly around the world?! It is a big world. She answered, I am not afraid. I want to do something that no one has ever done. Another reporter asked, What kind of plane do you have? I have a Lockheed Electra 10E plane. Purdue University gave it to me on July 24, my 39th birthday. She answered. Someone else asked her if she was afraid and she said, I have some fear, but I know that I can fly a plane well.

A reporter asked Amelia if the crash of the Hindenburg scared her. She answered, That was a giant airship, a giant blimp. I am going in an airplane. She said, I dont believe that the Hindenburg could scare me a single bit. I dont have hydrogen. I have motor power.

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