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Amelia's Childhood
By: Travis S.
Virginia, Age 11


Amelia was born July,24 1897 in Atchison Kanas.Amelia saw her first plane at a state fair and was not impressed.During the state fair a guy in an airplane swooped down at her , but stood her ground.

On December 28, 1920 Frank Howler gave her a ride that changed her life.When she got 2 to 3 hundred feet off the ground she said ''I knew I could fly. ''Amelia graduated from Hyde Park High School in 1915.She was a nurse at a military hospital in canada during WW2 and attended college. When she was little she hunted rats with a .22 rifle.

She took her first flying lessons on January 3, 1921. 6 months later she bought her first plane. She broke a record by the first women to rise altitude of 14,000 feet.

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