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Flight around the world causes disapearence of famous aviator.
By: Kerry G.
Ohio, Age 10


Amelia Earhart,the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean and the first person [man or woman]to fly across he pacific ocean,disapears on attempt to fly around the world. She was attempting to become the first woman to fly around the world. The date was 1937 June 24 at 10:00
A.M. The plane must have went down 35-100
miles away from Howland Island. she was looking for the tiny piece of land. But unfortunely she never found it. No one ever found her,Fred Noonan or the airplane. There are many theorys on how she disapeared. some say she was on a spy mission given to her by president Roosevelt and caught. Others say she capured by the Japanese and imprisoned. some say she purposely dove her plane into the ocean. No one knows the truth. But we all know she'll be missed.

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