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Amelia Earhart
By: Cassidy F.
Arkansas, Age 11


Amelia Earhart was an amazing pilot. When she was young Amelia had no interest in planes or becoming a pilot. In fact, when she saw her first airplane she thought it looked like a pile of junk.
At age 22 Amelia enrolls at Columbia University to become a doctor, but decides medicine isn't for her. Amelia sees an airplane in action and decides that she wants to fly. Amelia starts paying Frank Hawks ten dollars to take her flying for ten minutes. In 1923 Amelia becomes the first woman to be licensed by the National Aeronautical Association. Itís now 1928 and Amelia becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane.
On Feb. 7, of 1931 Earhart marries George Palmer Puttman; one of the men responsible for recruiting Amelia in the transatlantic flight. In 1934 she becomes the first pilot to fly from Hawaii to California solo. July 2, 1937 Amelia attempts to fly around the world with Fred Noonan. Twenty hours into the flight Ameliaís voice is picked up near H Howland Island, but she never arrives. Amelia is never seen again.

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