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Amelia Earhart
By: Joshua C.
New Hampshire, Age 10


This morning Amelia and Fred Noonan gone missing! Amelia was ready to take her first trip around the world. A crash occurs during take off from Hawaii in March damaging the electra 10E plane and forcing Amelia and her crew to give up.Two months later Amelia and navigator Fred Noonan try again.This time flying eastward from Florida to California they depart on June 1st. Flying from Miami across The Atlantic ocean to Dakal Senegal in Africa and then on to India. A month later Amelia and Fred arrive in Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific with 7000 miles still to go. They take off on July 2nd for Howland island. Howland is half a mile wide and two miles long barley a dot in the Pacific ocean. Twenty hours into the flight. Amelia’s voice is picked up by a ships radio near the island. But the Electra and the crew never arrive.

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