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Amelia Earhart
By: Lucas S.
Virginia, Age 12


Amelia Earhart was a pilot in 1937 and that's why she is a famous now from flying all over the whole world .She crashed in Howland Island and her shoe was found and her Electra was found and they checked the shoe size and the Electra and they found out that was her same size shoe and the same Electra. She disappeared from Howland Island to the German's jail camp that's what we believe what happened to her.The day it happened was thursday July 2,1937 at the 7:00 news. Amelia went the other way instead of the way we they the people told her to go and I think she tried to spy on the US goverment and that she changed her name to Irene Bownan was her and why when when Joe Gervais look through the files and her name wasn't in there. Why did she sue Joe Gervais?

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