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Amelia's Fatal Flight
By: Danika S.
New Mexico, Age 11


On July 2, 1937 Amelia Earhart's voice was last heard. After 17 hours of flight Amelia radioed in that she was running low on fuel. Her last transmission was sent after 20 hours in the air. She said ''we are heading north and south'' and then there was silence.

She was ready for flight on May 21, 1937. Amelia took off from Oakland to Miami. Amelia's plane, the Electra, was checked and repaired during the days spent in Miami. Amelia said that she was excited about her trip because she felt like she had one more great trip left in her.

Amelia flew from Florida, Pueto Rico, South America, Africa, India, Indonesia, crossing the equator for the third time, then flew to Austrailia.

She flew from Austrailia to Lea, New Guinea. Amelia only had two more stops left before she would return to California, Howland Island and Honolulu. She never did make it to Howland.

On January 1, 1939 Amelia Earhart was pronouned dead.

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