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The Crash
By: Nicholas B.
New Jersey, Age 12


You could hear the branches falling from the trees and the birds chirping, as we were in the forest searching now for three days for young female pilot Amelia Earhart. Then, we hear cracking and suddenly we see it!
Standing out like a green thumb there it was - the silver metal death trap that people called a plane. Now that we see the plane we assume she is in there. Disappointingly nothing was in there except for the broken seatbelt. The scene of disappointment was on everybody's face.
As we kept on searching it was getting dark so we had to call it quits. So we got up at 7:00 a.m. sharp the next day. We went out searching again. After a while we had to call it quits for real. The whole team was disappointed so we went back and on our broadcast we announced that she was dead.
R.I.P Amelia Earhart

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