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What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart?
By: Darrell S.
Virginia, Age 11


Attention,Attention!!! It is July 2,1937 Amelia Earhart is attempting the first flight around the world at it's widest point,the equator.Her plan is to start off from Miami,Florida.But something happened.Her Lockheed Electra,crash-landed on takeoff in Hawaii. Neither Amelia or Fred Noonan was hurt.Now let me tell you a little info about Fred Noonan.He is Amelia's navigator and helps her know where to go.Now they are getting ready to leave Miami,Florida.Then,the first day ,they flew to San Juan,Puerto Rico.She was getting tired of the long distance flights.She pulled through her roughness.They had landed in West Africa.Fred Noonan,figured out where they were and sent a note to Amelia saying,to turn south and head for Dakar.Their plan stopped in West Africa.Stay tuned for more information on Amelia Earhart.

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