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Amelia Earhart's Childhood
By: Joel W.
Virginia, Age 11


Amelia Earhart was born on
July 24,1898 at her grandfather's house in Atchison,Kansas.Supposedly,Some biographers have recognized that a history of disapproval and doubt followed her throught childhood as a tomboy and into her adult flying career.But,They say she had a fun relationship with her little sister Muriel('Pidge').At the age of ten,in Des Moines,Iowa,Amelia saw an airplane at the Iowa State Fair.She described it as a''thing of rusty wires and wood and not at all interesting.''Later when Amelia was twelve,It was apparent that Edwin Earhart was an alcoholic and fired from the Rock Island Railroad,five years later,in 1914.Amy Earhart took Amelia and Muriel to Chicago where they lived with their friends.Amelia and Muriel went to a private school using money from a trust fund set up by their grandfather Alfred.Amelia graduated at Hyde Park High School in 1915,then went to Canada where she visited her sister at school.In November 1918,Amelia recieved training as a nurse's aide and started working at the Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto,Ontario with the Volunteer Aid Detachment until armistice.Earhart enrolled at Columbia University to study pre-med ,but quit a year before graduation to be with her parents who had gotten together again in Long Beach,California.

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