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Come Back Amelia!
By: Connor S.
Illinois, Age 11


Amelia Earhart or Lady Lindy just randomly disappeared out of no where. So this is where the story starts, I think that the Japanese were building a naval base in the Mandated islands. They either hit her or the man in the plane could of crashed the plane because maybe he didnít like Amelia.
Now Iím going to tell you what other people think. One woman said that she found a heel of a shoe by a plane crash near her house. A man believed that she was a spy for the government. Some people think that she is still living. An other man said that he believed that man in the plane crashed the plane.
The reason Amelia Earhart flew around the world was because she wanted to show that women could do things to. She also got a bunch of money for taking the trip around the world. Her husband G. Puttman and her were having marriage problems because of the Great Depression. Thatís why she needed the money.
Her trip started in Florida to Venezuela to Senegal to Howland and back. She could of got tired of going and stopped down for a day, and maybe crash landed the plane. Still nobody knows. Lady Lindy was a great inspiration to all women and even to some men.
Well, thatís what happened or guesses that are believed of Lady Lindy. Someone has to figure it out soon. I could be me or it could be you or nobody will even try.

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