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Amelia's Soaring Experience
By: Abbey F.
Arkansas, Age 10


Hello America, I am Abbey reporting Amelia Earhart's flight with two other men to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane.Amy Phipps Guest,daughter of multimillionaire Henry Phipps had the money and the connections to put together the best plane and crew for flying. Unfortunately,her family talks her out of it. The air-crossing is thought to be so dangerous that for a woman just to be a passenger was considered a feat in itself. She demands a woman with a education-a woman with a flying experience-to replace her.
Anyway, Amelia has just landed from flying with Louis Gordon and Bill Stutz.
They have made it off the coast of Wales in the United Kingdom in 20 hours and 40 minutes. What a great time! Once again, I am Abbey , and goodbye!

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