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Miraculous Earhart
By: Hernan T.
New Jersey, Age 12


I’m live from southern California with Amelia Earhart. She is going to try to break a record with her first airplane which is called the Kinner Airster. I’m not the only person that’s here so I’m going to interview some of the people that are here with me. I’m going to start with James. Jamie how does it feel to be here watching Amelia Earhart take off? “Overwhelmed,” Jamie says, “It is so exciting to see the first female to attempt to fly over the Atlantic Ocean.”
Oh, here comes Amelia Earhart. I’m going to try to get her to say some words to us. Here she comes now. All of the reporters are in front of her and are blocking her. I’m going to try to get through all of them so I can be the first one to interview her. Ms Earhart, how does it feel to be the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean? “Well, it is such an honor to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean,” gratefully she replied. Thank you for giving us some of your time. As she left you could smell the heavy toxic smoke eject from her small plane detract from the once fresh air.
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