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Amelia and Noonan's disaperance
By: Anthony B.
Virginia, Age 12


I just found out 2 days ago that Earhart and Noonan disapeared. They were on their way to Howland island from Lea. Howland sent a ship called the Itaska to guide the Electra to the island. they tried to keep in touch but every time they said something Amelia would say something back and then sign off quickly.Then somthing strange happened. The Itaska lost all contact with the Electra and then she ask for a bearing of the plane when they were almost at Howland they disapeared. some say she changed her name and was listed as Irene Bolden but Irene swore she wasn't Amelia Earhart. No one nos what happened to Noonan. Amelia and Noonan disapeared and no one nos what happened to them it's a MYSTERY.

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