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What happened to Amelia Earhart?
By: Justine M.
Illinois, Age 10


What happened to Amelia Earhart? Was she captured by the Japanese, was she a spy, did her plane crash? Nobody knows! In the way I see it is, she lost control of her plane in the thick cloud; then she crashed her plane.I’ve been wondering if she survived or not, she might have landed on an Island and nobody ever found her! If she was on the island wouldn’t she have been captured by the Japanese; since they took over most of the islands? Where’s Amelia? She disappeared July 5th 1937 and was never heard from again. People searched a searched but she was never found. Not even any evidence of a plane crash or her body! Don’t you ever wonder “What happened to her plane?” Well, her plane wasn’t found along with her body. Not even a sign of a piece of her plane! There isn’t any part of the plane left! People have made an exact replica of the plane for museums but it’s not the original plane that Amelia Earhart traveled in. Her disappearance will always be a mystery and history. Hopefully, someday we’ll find her body along with her plane. The future comes.

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