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Amelia Dissapers
By: Trever C.
Illinois, Age 10


Do you know how Amelia Earhart disappeared?Earhart disappears when she crashed the plane and died. Noone know how she disappeared but people think they know. Some people think she got sucked in to the Bermuda triangle but others think she crashed and got eaten by a shark when her plane floated away probably to be never found again. Other people think she was a spy and went to see if the Japanese were building a navel base which they were and when she found out people think they kidnapped her and killed her so she couldn't tell the Americans that they had a navel bace.But some others think she ran out of gas and drowned but they cant find the plane.I think she got either sucked into the triangle or crashed got eaten by a shark and the plain drifted away.Thats how people think she disappered. Do you think you know?

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