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Amelia Earhart MISSING!
By: Lindsay D.
Illinois, Age 10


Amelia Earhart was an amazing woman. She planned to go on a trip all the way across the Atlantic Ocean with three people; two navigators, and a stunt man. She would be the first woman flyer. Her first stop was in Hawaii, but when she tried to land she crashed on the runway. She couldn't fly with a broken plane, so she had to get it fixed. But getting it fixed took time, and she lost a navigator and her stuntman, so once she got it fixed, she had one navigator, who was usually drunk. To make matters worse, when she was in the air, she remembered that she left the Morse code key behind, and the navigator didn't know how to either; nor did they know how to use the two way radio.
Amelia Earhart usually got sick from the exhaust of the plane, but that didn't stop her determination to fly over the Atlantic.
Amelia went missing on July 5th 1937. Many people think she ran out of gas. Others think she crashed on to a Japanese island and they captured and killed her. Some even think she was sucked into the Bermuda Triangle. I think she ran out of gas fell into the ocean, but no one can find her down in the dark ocean.

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