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Earhart the mystery
By: Noah M.
Illinois, Age 11


What happened to Amelia Earhart? Well I think that she was on her journey and she landed in Japan and the Japanese kidnapped her and then they killed her. I think that because why would the Japanese just kidnap her and then let her go? I think that they kidnapped her and then brought her to Saipan, Island where she was found dead. Another thing that I think happened to her is, that the pilot was drinking to much before they were going on there journey and then the pilot crashed the plane or the pilot didnít check the gas when they were leaving? So maybe the plane ran out of gas. She wanted to go on this journey so she could prove to the women and men that the women can do just as much stuff as the men. After the crash Amelia Earharts body was found dead by a women who lived in Saipan, Island

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