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Earhart's Adventure
By: Caroline S.
Illinois, Age 11


Was Earhart a spy, or did she just die?
I think that she was very brave; she could have crashed in a wave
She was a nurse in World War I and helped men that carried a gun
Earhart was the first women in the U.S to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and didnít have a lot of stress
She entered 7th grade at the age of 12
She would explore the great outdoors
She built a roller coaster and thought it felt like flying
She got a new house with 2 new severest they would always care about her and try not and get the chills
She saw her first plane at age 10 and knew then that that was the one
She went to a public school and didnít think that it was cool
She was put in the hall of fame and loved to play fun games
She will never give up and will always be the best

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