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Fly Away Amelia
By: Luke B.
Illinois, Age 11


First Woman to fly a plane and around the world, who is this? A girl born in Kansas, July 5, 1897. Well, this girl is Amelia Earhart, the first woman to attempt to fly around the world. First of all, she did not do it for the fun of it, and second of all, she wanted to prove that women can do more than men.
What I am going to talk about what everyone wants to know, how did Earhart die? Well, no one really knows, but I have heard some amazing guesses. Some of them are, she ran out of gas, she crashed because she was not paying attention. Even though those are really great guesses, what I think happened to her was, she was captured in Japan, because in World War 11 the Japanese took over many islands in the South Pacific and that is close to where Earhart was.
After they captured her it was possible that they killed her and that was how she died. They probably thought she was a spy and was asking her questions she didnít know and they killed her.
Well, that is what I think happened to Lady Lindy. For all we know she was a great pilot and a amazing inspiration for women around the world to speak up and take action. Hopefully she gave every woman a chance to come out and use what they got to be talented. Look at Amelia, she made a huge difference and now it is your turn.

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