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Lady Lindy, A Mystery Begins
By: Tiffany C.
Illinois, Age 10


Lady Lindy, a Mystery Begins
Lady Lindy has taken off, soaring in the sky, flying the “Canary” just a few days ago. Now, we have no connection with her and we are afraid that she died. Everybody has some input on this situation. Here, we have people saying that maybe she was sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, or people claiming that Earhart lost all concentration and that her navigator was no help, so she crashed roughly in the sea. Others say that she landed on an island that Japan had taken over, during World War II. Nobody really knows the truth, though. Why did Amelia have this sudden craving to fly around the world? It started like this.
Amelia saw her first airplane in 1908, and knew right away that she wanted to become a pilot. Finally, in 1916 she graduated from high school and went straight to World War I to nurse the wounded. She still adored the planes and promised herself that she would learn to drive one. In 1922, she succeeded to following her promise, and got a pilot license of her own. She became the first woman to be a passenger on the transatlantic flight. Earhart had a little book to write about her exciting day. She had a publisher to publish her book. Later on, she married that same publisher, George Putnam.
In 1932, she flew solo across the ocean. She became the first woman to receive the Distinguish Flying Cross, and she was awarded by Congress. Amazing she was, but yet that is not it, she still did much more. She and her husband had nicknames too. He called her A.E, and she called him G.P. Amelia still decided to fly 2 more times across the Atlantic. When Eleanor Roosevelt fought for women’s rights, she used Earhart as a example to show that women could also be brave and strong.
At last, that leads us to the point where Lady Lindy attempts to fly around the world. It was just that her famous flight was not meant to be. Shortly after she had made it half way around the world, Earhart disappeared into thin air. Even today, the mystery remains unsolved

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