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Lady Lindy: There one moment gone the next
By: Elisabeth N.
Illinois, Age 11


Lady Lindy: There one moment gone the next

Where did Amelia go? Was she sucked into the Bermuda Triangle? Or lost her concentration and crashed into the ocean. Weíll probably never know but letís start from where it all began.
In 1922 Amelia Earhart saw her very first airplane while curing injured veterans ,and at that exact moment she made up her mind that she was going to learn how to fly one. Then when she got her very first plane it seemed like her dream was coming true. She named the plane Canary and off she went. She was the FIRST lady passenger on an transatlantic flight, and even though she didnít actually fly the plane, It gave her a whole lot of publicity and out of that publicity came a husband, George Putnam, although their marriage started out well George was always obsessing over money which put Amelia under so much pressure the only way she could escape from all the madness was flying clear into the breeze where nobody could bother her.
She flew twice more across the Atlantic Ocean and by that time she was suffering from extreme exhaustion. So on her last flight which was flying all the way around the world on the path of the equator. She started out with 3 or 4 companions but after a pit stop to fix the plane she was only left with 1. Fred Noonan who got drunk way too often and wasnít much of a help. On July 5th 1937 was the last any one heard from her. Was she captured by the Japanese and possibly killed or was she a government spy. All we know for sure is that Amelia Earhart was a role model for women everywhere with her determination and sense of style even in crisis situation. What ever happened to Amelia Earhart or is this a mystery that will never be solved???

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