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The Life Of An American Hero
By: Kimberly B.
Illinois, Age 10


AMELIA EARHART HAS DISAPPEARED.Just a few years ago, Amelia Earhart disappeared. What really happened to her? I know exactly what.Amelia grew up as tomb boy climbing trees, sledding in snowy weather, and hunting. When she grew up and was working as a nurse in the World War and saw the huge airplanes soaring through the sky, she knew that one day it was going to be her in that plane. Amelia saw her dreams right then and there. She quickly got to work to live her dreams and practiced her skills in the air. She had a shaky start, but soon Amelia had the hang of it.Soon Amelia wanted to really achieve her dreams. She decided to go on a trip around the world-on her plane.Everybody told her to give up, that it was dangerous. But Amelia didn't want to. She went on not even pausing to think of the possibilities.Noonan was Amelia's co-pilot. He was a drunk and Amelia sometimes had to wake him up for help. Noonan was difficult to work with on the trip. Sometimes the fumes from the plane ride made her queasy, and that was also a difficulty but she still went on. Amelia was a fantastic flyer. She soared on through continents like Brazil and Africa. But did Amelia Earhart ever make it? Iím sorry to say no.I believe that Earhart and Noonan crashed somewhere in an island near Saipan. The Japanese got suspicious and kidnapped her. A US soldier stated he had spotted her in a hanger in Japan. The crashed plane had been put up in display for everyone to see. A native woman visiting Saipan had stated that there had been a man and woman aboard the plane.

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