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What happened to Amelia Earhart?
By: Megha R.
Illinois, Age 10


What actually happened to Amelia nobody knows, but I know something. Different people have different theories of what happened to her. Some people think that after she crashed in Japan the Japanese found her and killed her. Others think that she crashed on the Marshall Islands and was still trying to send radio signals. Very few people think that she accidentally crashed in Bermuda Triangle. I personally think that she ran out of gas and then she crashed somewhere. It either could be that she crashed on land and everything was covered with grass, mud, and water and she died, or that she crashed into the ocean and her plane was eaten by a shark and that she was too. Anyhow no one could even find her because her body would probably be rotting away. Why would someone want to find her? Everyone would have different theories and if you say a theory they will prove that it is wrong and they will say their own theory then someone else will prove it wrong and it will keep going on like that.

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