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What happened to Amelia Earhart?
By: Morgan M.
Illinois, Age 10


What happened to Amelia Earhart? Where did she go? Will we ever see her again? Did she crash? Was she a spy for the U.S.? Was she captured by the Japanese? Or did she simply run out of gas? Will this devastating mystery ever be solved?
Amelia Earhart was determined to fly across the world and show men all around the world that women can be just as daring, adventurous, and brave as men. Amelia was a dazzling role model for women around the world. Amelia inspired women to do what they love and donít be afraid. And never think that you canít live your dream because you can, everyone can live their dream!
The odd part of Ameliaís disappearance was that neither she nor her plane was ever found. They searched for a very long time trying to find Amelia but they couldnít find her. Many think that she got captured by the Japanese. A U.S. soldier was in Saipan he said that he saw Ameliaís plane in the Japanese hanger. Many also think Amelia ran out of gas. It would be the most common thing but I think there is much more to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Another common assumption For Ameliaís disappearance was she could have crashed. Maybe her plane was to damaged to repair. The reason Amelia disappeared many people think her co pilot Fred Noonan got so drunk and crashed her plane. I think the most common reason was that she got captured by the Japanese because she was caught flying in their territory and was captured.

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